The Messianic Age of Lux: Yoshii Kazuho

This post will be the first in a two-part series – ‘The Messianic Age of Lux’ – which will discuss to what extent two characters from Texhnolyze – Yoshii and Kano – can be said to align with the messianic archetype, and the implications of this for understanding their characters. This first part will focus on Yoshii, in which I will demonstrate that his messianic traits supplement his character development by revealing information about his ideology, his reception in Lux, and his impact on the world of Texhnolyze.

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Episode 03: Texhnophile

Episode 3 is one of my personal favourites of the series. This episode serves to be an important development of the main characters, one in particular who has up until now remained mysterious to us. Doc is quite clearly the main focus of this episode (she is clearly the ‘Texhnophile’ in the episode’s title), and we begin to learn about her philosophy and worldview. In addition to this we finally learn the name of the prize fighter protagonist (Ichise) and are shown part of his backstory, we get to see the calm Organo leader Onishi in action, and Yoshii and Ran finally arrive in Lux.

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Episode 02: Forfeiture

The general purpose of episode 2 is to add world-building to what has been previously established. In this way, these first two episodes complement each other nicely – while episode one introduces us to the themes of the show, episode two introduces us to the world of the show.
Lots of information is given to us in this episode. We learn that the setting of the show is the city of Lux (or Lukuss). We also learn a bit about the politics of this city. The city is effectively run by a group called ‘the Organo’, led by Onishi. They appear to be in conflict with a radical militant group called ‘the Salvation Union’ – we are unsure of their aims but the historical tension between these two factions is apparent. Neighbouring the city is a small, traditional community called Gabe, the location where Yoshii visited in the first episode, governed under the guidance of a seer.

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Episode 01: Stranger

Before starting, I’d like to introduce this new series of articles, the ‘Episode Guide’. In these posts I will be taking each episode individually. Each article will be structured firstly with a synopsis of the episode – this will obviously spoil the contents of the episode but will not spoil anything later in the series. It will serve as more of a simple plot guide.
Secondly, there will be an analysis of how the events of the episode relate to the series as a whole. This is only recommended for those who have seen the series in its entirety. I will be highlighting events, dialogue and symbols which foreshadow later events or relate to the overarching themes of the show. The purpose of this is to help understand the contents of each episode in relation to the wider context of the show.


Episode 01: Stranger

This episode serves as the introduction to several of the main characters. On the surface this is a very ambiguous episode – we still do not know any of the characters names, the setting of the show, the characters’ backgrounds, or how they relate to the story. However, even without knowing their names, we can learn a lot about several of the characters.
The beginning of Texhnolyze often has a reputation of being incredibly slow and is often described as the weaker part of the show. I want to highlight through this analysis that this is not the case, rather it is crucial to the entire narrative provides a strong set up for the later elements of the story. I personally feel this first episode in particular is one of the strongest of any anime, and hopefully I can articulate why in my analysis.
The synopsis will just be a spoiler-free summary of the plot of the episode. If you are only interested in the analysis of the episode in relation to the series as a whole, you can skip past the synopsis. Also, I wasn’t expecting to write over 2,000 words! Apologies if this is unnecessarily long.

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Welcome to Voice of the City! The general function of this blog will primarily be to share Texhnolyze analytical pieces and general thoughts on the show. If anyone has anything in particular they would like to see an analysis of, let me know in a comment. As a quick warning, this blog may not post particularly frequently – it’s something I plan to add to over a long time period.

What will the blog posts be analysing? The focus of this blog will be everything Texhnolyze. I have a few ideas of articles I’d like to write. These will include (but not be limited to):

  • In-depth character analysis
  • Episode guides (how they relate to the series as a whole/things you might miss)
  • Analysis of themes
  • Symbolism
  • Visual/sound presentation
  • Background information (looking at interviews, etc)

If anyone has any specific things they’d like to see or want explained, just leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

What inspired me to make this blog? While there is certainly some very good analytical pieces on Texhnolyze already, the show receives far less attention than it deserves. With a score of only 7.78 on MyAnimeList (good, but not as high as it deserves), this show has certainly, at least amongst new anime watchers, gone under the radar. It is understandable why it is as low as it is – it is by no means a show for everyone, and the pacing of the first few episodes is enough to put many people off. Also, it’s a show that is often misunderstood, many viewers interpreting it as having a nihilistic and depressing message. Hopefully I can address some of these misconceptions and correct them. My aim with this blog is to compile the largest collection of Texhnolyze essays into one place. This blog will be an anthology of sorts, the ultimate guide to understanding the show. I feel this is a way of contributing to the Texhnolyze community, and offering something back to the show that means so much to me personally (I may make a post on why it affected me so much). Most of all, however, this blog is for me personally, to help build my understanding and appreciation of the show.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my content!